Basic Manicure 

Our most popular basic treatment, starting with the reshaping of nails, cuticle grooming, followed with a lotion tension flex hand massage. The treatment ment finishes with your choice of nail polish.

Luxury Manicure

This is tension relaxation treatment which includes the above basic steps combined with sugar scrub, mask, a pressure points hot stone massage therapy and tantalizing hot towel wrap.

Ultimate Manicure 

The ultimate manicure restorative treatment, which includes all the luxury manicure steps mentioned above and finally finishes off with a soothing paraffin dip to hydrate and help restore skin to a more youthful appearance.

Gel Manicure with Color 

*** For French Tip (extra $5)

a new revolution of gel nail polish that is rapidly rising in popularity. This gel polish painted on to natural nails just like regular polish, but cured under UV light layer by layer. This process helps fingernails transform into glossy, shiny gems of polished goodness, an effect that lasts two to three weeks. The brilliant part is, once the last layer is over, you are all set to go and use your nails. No more waiting for the nails to dry or harden. Nails will look very natural and beautiful.

Basic Spa pedicure 

This services includes the following,a nail trim and shaping, cuticle detail, buffing of the heels, grooming $ conditioning, gently lotion massage, hot towel wrap, and finishes with polish.

Spa Pedicure with callus remover   

Need more callus work?

Services include all the basic of spa pedicure with the addition of callus eliminator to remove callus build up by applying it on for three minutes. In addition is a sponge to scrub away calluses. In addition with sugar scrub and a mask.

Luxury Spa Pedicure 

This services includes all of the basic spa pedicure steps followed by special products such as sea scrub, an aromatic scrub with quartz crystals, natural beach sand for exfoliation of rough dry skin on the soles of the feet. Then followed by  a mask for stimulation and detoxification of skin cells to rejuvenate youthful skins. Finally, a finishes with a pressure point hot stone massage treatment to remove muscular tension and balance the spirit.

Ultimate Pedicure

This treatment has all of the luxury spa services with a finish of  a soothing paraffin dip to deeply hydrate and help restore skin to a more youthful appearance.

Nail Care

Acrylic full set / fill 
Fiberglass  full set / fill 
Gel full set / fill 
Gel top Coat 
Full set (over lay) 
Full set Pink & White 
Fill Pink & White/ Pink  
Long, curve or flare nails 
Hand color change/ French
(with quick clean-up)
Nail repair 
French or American 
Nail removal with treatment
Free hand design 


Basic Spa pedicure & manicure Combo